Automatic Tool Changer Motor

Ideal for variable speed cutting and shaping applications.

Motor Description:

  • Compact automatic tool change spindle with the quality and dependability of the Perske name
  • High speed, compact, dual cooling mode, extended nose for simple mounting of ventilation systems, and top of the line components
  • Lifetime lubricated, high precision angular contact bearings
  • Designed to reliably produce specified power and torque
  • Continuous duty rated (S1-100%)
  • 4 pole design allows for additional torque
  • Industry leading vibration levels of 0.0-0.02in/sec


  • Compact square frame to allow for versatility in cutting geometry
  • Extended nose is ideal for flexibility in mounting of ventilation systems
  • Double front and rear bearing provides additional stability to provide ideal rotor dynamics and eliminate axial play
  • Designed to allow for both forced air or water cooling
  • Ability to provide motor with plugs specified by customer or terminal box wired for delta or star connection
  • Flexibility of design to allow for customized solutions

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PERSKE Motor Series with HSK-E32 for automatic tool change.

PERSKE Motor Series with HSK-E32 for automatic tool change.

 Forced Air Cooling Water Cooling 
Voltage Y 400 V   / Δ 230 V Y 400 V  / Δ 230 V 
Frequency 533 Hz 833 Hz 1066 Hz 533 Hz 833 Hz 1066 Hz 
Power 4.0 kW 4.0 kW 3.0 kW 6.5 kW 6.5 kW 5.0 kW 
Speed 15,820 rpm 24,700 rpm 31,650 rpm 15,730 rpm 24,400 rpm 31,400 rpm 
Torque 2.41 Nm 1.55 Nm 0.91 Nm 3.95 Nm 1.54 Nm 1.52 Nm 
Rating Continuous Duty (S1 – 100%) Continuous Duty (S1 – 100%)
Tool Systems
  • Tooling must be balanced to G6.3 specifications (minimum requirement for standard routing). For the larger tool weights, G2.5 specs are required.
  • Maximum diameter of the tool can be 12.5” (320 mm)
  • Maximum tool center of gravity is 3.9” (100 mm) in front of HSK plane surface
  • Maximum tool weights are determined for each Perske motor type
Tool Systems

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