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Are CRP’s sanitary hoses FDA-approved/rated?
CRP Industrial offers a full range of FDA-approved hoses for various applications.

Does CRP make completed sanitary hose assemblies?
Yes, CRP makes completed sanitary assemblies with common fittings such as tri-clamp or tri-clover, bevel seat, or I-Line fittings.

Does CRP offer cut lengths of sanitary hose?
CRP Industrial offers a nominal fee for cut lengths of our sanitary hoses.

Can I CIP my CRP sanitary hose?
CRP’s sanitary hoses can be CIP. Please refer to page 38 of the CRP Industrial Sanitary Hose Catalog for the guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing hose.

Do you have a chemical chart for your sanitary hoses?
please refer to page 31 of the CRP Industrial Sanitary Hose Catalog for the Chemical Compatibility Chart.

What is your freight policy on sanitary hoses?
CRP offers free ground freight on hose orders of $3500 or more.

Can you make custom length hoses?
We can make any length you need, ranging from 4″ up to hundreds of feet.

Does CRP offer hoses with a 4:1 safety factor?

Do you have any color options?
In most cases, yes.

Do you have high-pressure adapter fittings and ball valves?
Yes, we have everything needed to fit any hose application.

How quickly can you fill and ship hose assembly orders?
Stock assemblies are usually shipped same day. Other orders ship within 1–2 days.

Is there a contract involved or minimum order?
CRP does not require any contract or minimum order for purchasing.

Does CRP sell to end-users?
No. CRP’s policy is only to sell to distribution and OEM companies.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
Minimum order is $100 or 20% fee will be applied.

What happens if we don’t meet the order requirement?
20% fee will be applied to your order.

What is your warranty policy for the hoses?
CRP’s products are warrantied for one year against product defects.

Are spring guards necessary on all hoses?
Spring guards are recommended to minimize kinking on fabric reinforced hoses

What kind of hose do I need for a moisture resistant application?
Moisture resistant applications can use moisture block hoses or PTFE/FEP tube hoses.

Do you make assemblies other than 25’ and 50’?
We can make custom size assemblies in almost any length.

Do you sell components if my customer would like to crimp their own hoses?
Yes, we sell bulk hose and fitting components.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Do you have standard reel lengths?
Most hoses come in various lengths, inquire for availability at time of order.

Can you drop ship to my customer?
Yes, we can drop ship.

What kind of fittings do you have?
We mostly supply NPT, NPSM, JIC, BSP, Metric, O-Ring Boss, O-Ring Face and many others in male or female and either plated or stainless steel.  Other fitting types available by special request.

What does the part number mean?
We have short part numbers such as:

       1006UK50FXF these are for common assembly sizes which we produce in bulk with a lower price point.
       1006UK = hose
       length of assembly in feet = 50’
       FXF is the fittings on the ends, in this case female NPSM each end.

       We also have a longer part number that completely describes the assembly, such as:
       1010AV – 60.0 F4F4PG Fabricated assembly
       1010A = Hose
       60.0 + Length of assembly in inches
       F4 = F = female 4 = 3/8” fitting NPSM
       F4  = fitting designation for the other end of the hose (could be different)
       P = plated fittings
       G = spring guard  (X) means no extras

What if I need exact lengths hoses?
We offer Standard OAL which has a +/- 5% length tolerance.

For a more exact hose lengths, as sometimes needed in bundles, we offer a service called Precision Overall Length (POL).  This has a tighter tolerance of +/-0.5%.  there is an upcharge charge for this service.

Do you offer prepaid freight?
We offer prepaid ground freight to the lower 48 states on most orders over $3500.00.

Why should I buy from Perske?
For nearly 50 years, Walter Perske has been an undisputed leader in high-frequency electric motors for the woodworking industry, so you can be confident you’ll get the highest-quality motor available. Perske offers a wide selection of standard and non-standard motor configurations with tooling options in a wide range of HP & RPM requirements.

Do you have a motor that meets my needs?
Our wide selection of quality motors is suitable for numerous applications, including routing, sawing, shaping, boring, and special applications.

What is your warranty policy for the motors?
Click here to view Perske’s warranty policy.

I’m not seeing a motor that’s perfect for my needs — what should I do?
No problem. Our engineers can create custom solutions for you in every line of motors. If you don’t see it, we can make it.

What does CRP do for Perske?
CRP Industries is a leading industrial importer with over 50 years of experience. We’re an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and the exclusive NAFTA representative of Perske motors.

What should I expect from CRP?
The CRP Perske Performance team brings you an experienced sales and customer service department. Our staff of Application Engineers and Customer Service Representatives is ready to provide you with any additional information you may need, answer your questions, and make sure you’re fully satisfied with your choice. We also have a full complement of genuine Perske replacement parts and a state-of-the-art repair facility.

How can I get catalogs or spec sheets on specific Perske motors?
You can download spec sheets and catalogs directly from our website. You can also fill out an online request form and have our Perske motor experts answer any other questions you may have.

Do your motors come with a warranty?
Yes. We offer a one-year warranty on all new motors and a three-month warranty on any repairs we perform on a Perske motor you already own. You can find out all the details on our warranties on our website.

Do you repair motors?
Yes — CRP has the only repair shop in North America authorized for warranty work. We have a deep inventory of motors and parts, so our factory-trained technicians can get your job done quickly.

How do I arrange to have my Perske motor repaired?
To have your motor sent in for inspection and repair quotation, call us at 800-526-4066 and ask for Perske Repairs, or use the parts and repair form on our website.

Can I just order replacement parts and do the repairs myself?
If you know what the problem is and just need spare parts, visit the parts and repair form on our website. A main component diagram will appear to help you fill in the Spare Parts Order Form. We will then quote you the necessary parts. Make sure that you have balancing equipment to balance the motors.

I’d like to replace my motor but it isn’t from Perske. How can I be sure your motor will match?
If your current motor isn’t manufactured by Perske, visit the Request Quote link on our website. Then just tell us exactly what type of motor you need. Our experienced staff will match your needs to the correct Perske motor and get back to you with a quote.

How do I contact CRP?
For all questions regarding sales, service, or support, just call us at (800) 426-4066 or complete our contact form.

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