CRP Industries is a veteran-owned business.


CRP Industries is a veteran-owned business. Founded by Dr. Adam Schildge, the company was led by his son George for many years. Today, in the third generation of Schildge leadership, George’s son Dan holds the position of President and CEO. Since its founding in 1954, the company has expanded not only its staff and geographic footprint — but also its scope, growing into a leader in both the automotive and industrial products sectors.

Dan Schildge, President and CEO

Dan took the helm as President and CEO of CRP Industries in 2008. As a Cornell graduate, Navy veteran, and entrepreneur, Dan has developed extensive expertise in leadership, strategic thinking, organizational design, and execution. Dan is responsible for CRP’s long-term sustainability — from the company’s growth and financial strength to its culture and security. He provides a compelling, long-term vision for CRP and ensures the company strategy is aligned around that vision. Dan consistently creates winning opportunities for all of CRP’s key stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the community at large, as well as the environment. Above all, Dan is focused on CRP Industries continuing to be a thriving, enduring, and purposeful company.

Pete Sanquini, Technical Director

Pete first put his mechanical engineering experience from Lehigh University to use in the commercial/industrial sales and engineering division of Atlas Door. After sharing his knowledge and expertise with them for many years, he decided it was time to walk through a different door. Ours.

Since that day 28 years ago, Pete’s worn many hats here at CRP. He’s played a vital role in our hose product development, our vendor relations, our product procurement, and of course, our sales. Now as Technical Director, Pete is using his extensive experience and engineering knowledge to help us continue to bring innovative products to the North American marketplace.

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