Perske Shaping Motors

In the fields of lumber and materials processing, there is an ever-increasing need for productivity and adaptability. Perske Shaping Motors rise to the challenge, with features that allow for a variety of shaping operations and a range of tooling options.

Features for versatility:

  • A variety of direct tool mounting options including the popular HSK-C tooling interface, which results in excellent radial and axial precision cutting
  • Ease of changing out custom tool templates for the profile design of a wide range of woodworking and material shaping jobs
  • Optional shaft designs include an outside tool shank and inside bore, a special shaft for hydro-clamping systems, as well as a collet and cover nut to allow for flexible shaping tool options

Features for performance:

  • Low profile motors allow for deep woodcutting within tight and precise tolerances to contour arches and scale radius tops on wood, glass, or plastic surfaces
  • A variety of machine bits and collet capacities on KNS motor types allows for shaping and profiling V-grooves, dovetails, beaded corners, and rounded edges
  • Speeds range from 3,600 RPM to 30,000 RPM, and output levels vary from 0.2 HP to 17 HP to handle almost any production requirement
  • KNS motors have an outside rib design and labyrinth seals for problem-free operation, even in dusty environments
  • Low maintenance motors are equipped with lifetime lubricated bearings

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Perske Shaping Motors are ideal for shaping and profiling V-grooves, dovetails, beaded corners, rounded edges and more.

Perske Shaping Motors are ideal for shaping and profiling V-grooves, dovetails, beaded corners, rounded edges and more.

Our low profile motors allow for deep wood cutting within tight and precise tolerances.

KN 200.5 to 130,00025 mm25 mmYNNY
KN 351.3 to 324,00025 mm25 mmYNNY
KN 504 TO 6.518,00030 mm30 mmYYYY
KN 609.018,00035 mm35 mmYYYY
KN 7010 to 1718,00050 mm50 mmYYYY
Tool Systems
  • Collet & covernut
  • HSK-C
  • Hydro-clamp chuck system (ETP HydroGrip)
  • Quick clamping systems
  • Cylindrical shaft with or without key
  • Cylindrical shaft with or without key and outside thread
  • Cylindrical shaft with or without key and inside thread
  • Saw blade flanges and nut available
  • Custom shaft design available to suit customer application


  • 60 to 500 HZ (3,600 to 30,000 RPM)
  • Electrical performance data (HP) are only valid for the stated constant frequency


  • 230/400V standard according to DIN/VDE regulations; however, other voltage options are available
  • Insulation class F standard
  • If using a static frequency converter, it is necessary to use line reactors or filters to smooth out the sine wave


  • Lifetime lubricated, high precision hybrid bearings (where required)
  • Drive end bearing is fixed and non-drive end bearing is self-aligning
  • With heavy tooling, double bearing arrangements are recommended for front bearing position to eliminate axial shaft play


  • TEFC motors are self-ventilated with a built in fan which works most effectively at the motor’s maximum operating speed
  • Labyrinth seals at both ends of the motor to protect against dust or particle penetration into the motor when under power
  • Motors are balanced to a vibration speed of Veff = 1.8 mm/sec at zero load and rated operating speed
  • Most motors are available according to NEMA or CSA standards (L.R. 16 865)
Tool Systems

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