Perske Saw Arbor Motors

Those in the field of lumber processing are facing many new demands to be safer and more efficient in order to stay competitive. There is a movement toward minimizing waste by optimizing the sawing of logs, as well as a need for more reliable, higher-performing equipment to achieve these goals.

Features for durability:

  • Rugged construction
  • Rated for continuous duty or intermittent where required

Features for efficiency:

  • Extremely high stalling torque as well as overload capacity (2-3 times full load)
  • Totally enclosed and fan-cooled (TEFC) to handle heavy volume without overheating
  • Equipped with saw collars for direct mounting of blades, circular saws, pendulum saws, and tools for heavy-duty woodworking applications

Features for performance:

  • Slim, low profile design; allows for deeper cutting depth than standard motors
  • Lifetime lubricated bearings
  • Low vibration ensures uniform cutting and shaping patterns
  • Perske saw arbor motors offer special features for enhanced operator safety, including a squirrel-caged design. Special ventilator-cooled electromagnetic and high-pressure braking actions are available. Also ideal for heavy-duty cutting and shaping of metals, plastics, and stone.

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Perske Saw Arbor Motors are ideal for high volume, heavy duty wood cutting.

Perske Saw Arbor Motors are ideal for high volume, heavy duty wood cutting.

In environments that demand high-volume production and high-efficiency, Perske saw arbor motors really shine.

KNS 501 to 23,60080 mmM20
KNS 602.7 to 5.33,600100 mmM20
KCS 705 to 123,600120 mmM30
KS 8010 to 243,600160 mmM30
KS 90303,600180 mmM36
KS 11050 to 753,600200 mmM56
KS 14075 to 1053,600300 mmM76
KS 160130 to 1603,600SpecialSpecial
KS 200200 to 2303,600SpecialSpecial
Tool Systems
  • Saw collars/flanges with threaded nut (RH or LH)
  • HSK-C
  • Hydro-clamp chuck system
  • Cylindrical shaft with or without key
  • Cylindrical shaft with or without key and outside thread
  • Cylindrical shaft with or without key and inside thread


  • 60 HZ (3,600 RPM) standard (Some motors are capable of running up to 7,200 RPM)
  • Electrical performance data (HP) are only valid for the stated constant frequency


  • 230/460V standard according to DIN/VDE regulations; however, other voltage options are available including 575V for Canada


  • Lifetime lubricated, high precision bearings (where required)
  • Drive end bearing is fixed and non-drive end bearing is self-aligning
  • With heavy tooling, double bearing arrangements are recommended for front bearing position to eliminate axial shaft play


  • TEFC motors are self-ventilated with a built in fan which works most effectively at the motor’s maximum operating speed
  • Labyrinth seals at both ends of the motor to protect against dust or particle penetration into the motor when under power
  • Motors are balanced to a vibration speed of Veff = 1.8 mm/sec at zero load and rated operating speed
  • Terminal box can be located on right or left side pending customers preference
  • An electromechanical brake can be integrated as an option
  • Motors are available according to NEMA standards
Tool Systems

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